Advanced Water Meter System

Hillsborough completed installation of its advanced water meter system in April 2017. The Town replaced all of its aging residential water meters with new advanced water meters. These meters are read remotely and provide the Town and its customers' hourly meter reads on a daily basis. This enables residents to better understand their water use in real time and quickly identify possible water leaks.

WaterSmart Customer Service Portal: Hillsborough residents will be able to view their daily water use through the Town's WaterSmart customer service portal website. Residents who register are able to see up to three years of historical water use, track real time (hourly) water use and set water leak and other alerts (email or text). Please visit

See an image of the Town's new meters (JPG).

See a water units to cubic feet to gallons conversion chart (JPG).

See how to manually read your new iPerl water meter (JPG) (not necessary).

Watersmart How To Videos

Accessing the WaterSmart Portal: This video will show Hillsborough water account holders how to register for WaterSmart and sign up for water leak alerts and high use notifications.

View and Track Water Use: This video will show Hillsborough WaterSmart users how to view and download their current and historical water use.

Leak Detection and Resolution: This video describes the WaterSmart leak alert functions and how to search for a private side water leak.

Understanding Your Bill: This video provides a detailed description of a typical Hillsborough water bill and the information therein.