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Firewise Hillsborough Certificates

In April 2020, Firewise Hillsborough was officially recognized as a Firewise USA® community by the National Fire Protection Association. Please visit their website for more information on the Firewise USA® recognition program.

Please see or print the Firewise Hillsborough certificates in the following links. Please note that Hillsborough is divided into two areas (north and south). You may want to provide a copy of the certificate to your homeowners insurance company.

For information on which residential property insurance companies may be currently offering discounts for fire hardened homes, please visit this website.

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About Firewise

Mission Statement

Firewise Hillsborough's mission is to work with residents, the Town and Central County Fire Department (CCFD) to provide education, support neighborhood projects and advocate for a wildfire resistive Hillsborough.

Featured Firewise Tip

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Program Areas

Property Consultations

Firewise works with all Hillsborough residents to promote fire safety through the identification of ways to improve defensible space in the event of a fire. Prior to a visit from a Firewise volunteer, please review and complete this waiver for individual property owners.


Removal of Fire-Hazardous Plant Species

Volunteers from Firewise can help with the identification and removal of plant species that are more prone to catch fire. Click here for a video providing instructions on how to safely remove Broom plants.


Chipper Program

In 2020, Firewise implemented a chipper program to remove overgrown vegetation. The program was renewed for 2021, please contact us at for more information.

Visit Firesafe San Mateo website for more information on the Chipper program.


Central County Fire Department (CCFD) Resources

Wildland-Urban Interface Program

Many properties and homes in the Town of Hillsborough are within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) area. WUI is the transition between wildland (unoccupied land) and human development. See if your home is in a high-risk fire area.


For more CCFD resources and information, please visit their website.


Know Your Zone in the event of an evacuation - Find Your Zone Now

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Board of Directors

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