Leaf Blowers in Hillsborough - Noise Ordinance

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Current Regulations

Download PDF with current regulations in English and Spanish (additional languages in development)

View the existing noise ordinance as it relates to leaf blowers in Town:
Discretionary noise shall be allowed only as follows (or as allowed under the exceptions set forth in Section 8.32.050 of this chapter):

1. Monday through Friday (except holidays observed by the town, meaning that the city clerk's office is closed for observance of the weekday holiday):

a. Between Eight A.M. and Five P.M. Anyone may perform construction, alteration, demolition or repair, and anyone may operate residential power equipment provided that the noise level from all sources combined (whatever the sources are), as measured twenty-five feet outside the property line, shall not exceed one hundred dBA. This standard is the "property plane standard."

b. Between Five P.M. and Eight P.M. Property owners and residents (and family members of either) may operate (on the owner's or resident's property) residential power equipment if the property plane standard is met.

c. Between Nine A.M. and Five P.M. Anyone may operate gas-powered or electric-powered gardening devices that do not produce a total combined noise level in excess of seventy dBA when measured from a distance of twenty-five feet from the loudest operating motor.

2. Saturday:

a. No leaf blowers at any time;

b. Between Ten A.M. and Five P.M. Owners and residents (and family members of either) may operate (on the owner's or resident's property) devices, equipment and machines, other than leaf blowers, that do not produce, singly or in combination, a total combined noise level of more than seventy dBA outside of the property plane.

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