Eucalyptus Pathway

Project Background

The Eucalyptus Pedestrian Pathway Project ("Project") is a 1,900-foot-long pathway that includes a five-foot wide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-accessible pedestrian path that would extend from the 500 block to the 700 block of Eucalyptus Avenue on the west side of the street, then another 400 feet to the parking strip near Floribunda Avenue to Brookvale Road on the east side of the street. The improved pedestrian pathway, which includes the installation of three new ADA ramps and improved crosswalks, would enhance accessibility for pedestrians and improve the streetscape along this well-traveled corridor. This corridor is currently used by K through 8th grade students and others for access to and from North Elementary School and Crocker Middle School. The new pedestrian path would be installed over the current unimproved roadway shoulder. Significant grading, drainage, and preparation work on necessary to allow for the proper creation of a pathway. Currently, this shoulder is often not usable during the winter months due to stormwater runoff and mud. A new pervious concrete pathway will create a safe place to walk outside of the street and encourage more pedestrian travel. Also, new curbs and gutters will be installed to control water in the roadways and the grading work as part of the project will facilitate future beautification and landscaping opportunities in this area.

The Town applied for and received two separate grants through the San Mateo County Transportation Authority totaling $589,000.00: $200,000.00 was received from the Alternative Congestion Relief and Transportation Demand Management Project and $389,000.00 was received from the 2022 Cycle 6 Measure A&W Pedestrian and Bicycle Program.

Project Updates

Click here to view the project schedule (updated 8/9/2023)

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