How do I locate my backflow device or clean out?
Both the backflow device and clean out are located on your sewer lateral, which connects your home to the town's main.

A backflow device is usually located within 10 feet of the street. It is buried in the ground, usually within a small concrete box marked as sewer.

There can be more than one clean out on a lateral or directly from your home. One cleanout is usually located immediately outside your residence. If you walk the perimeter of your home you are likely to find at least one black 4" pipe on an outside wall or in the ground at grade level. (The lid should rest on the pipe, and not be screwed down, as that would prevent proper operation of the clean out, which should permit sewage to escape so it does not come out of your household fixtures. The town provides free pop-up lids that break when under sewer pressure.)

If you need assistance, please contact Public Works at 650-375-7444.Sewer Smart

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1. How do I locate my backflow device or clean out?
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