What services does the town provide?
The Public Works Department spends considerable time and resources maintaining the town’s sewer mains and trunk lines. The town provides free pop-up covers for residential sewer clean-outs that will permit sewage to flow out in the event of a blockage within your sewer lateral. Maintenance and repair of sewer laterals are the responsibility of the property owner.

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1. How can I help the town maintain the system?
2. How does the town collect and treat our sewage?
3. What are the consequences of a sewer overflow?
4. What can I do to prevent sewer backups in the town?
5. What can I put in the toilet or drain?
6. What causes sewer line backups?
7. What services does the town provide?
8. Why does my sewer lateral require regular servicing?
9. What action has the town taken to resolve the capacity issues?